Waypoint Announces Sales Engagement Risk Audit Service


DALLASDec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Waypoint Consulting Services, the Dallas-based firm active in the financial services, healthcare, and energy sectors, announced its latest service offering, a Sales Engagement Risk Audit.  It is designed to help financial services institutions identify hidden risks in their sales engagement process that could expose them to legal and reputational damage.

Mark Renfro, managing partner, said, “It is not unusual, when a strong sales culture emerges, for new behaviors and practices to involve risks that management has not anticipated and might not detect.  Through our experience with strong sales cultures at institutions of all sizes, we have identified key areas of vulnerability in the sales engagement process and are equipped to identify them during focused Sales Engagement Risk Audit.”  

Renfro has written about these risk areas in BAI Banking Strategies here and here:  “Do Your Sales Leaders Speak the Language of Risk?”

Bill Stuart, Waypoint chief executive and managing partner, said, “With this new risk mitigation service, Waypoint is positioned to partner with financial institutions to address a broad scope of risks they face, including regulatory risk, cybersecurity risk, IT risk, and operational risk.  We are privileged to have the confidence of numerous organizations in pursuing risk mitigation on their behalf.”

About Waypoint
Waypoint is a consulting services company formed by partners deeply experienced across industries and geographies to advise leaders on strategy and business transformation, M&A, growth and client life cycle, risk and regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, data security and privacy, information technology and operations.  The company is based in Dallas, Texaswww.trustwaypoint.com

Waypoint Contact:  Mark Renfro, managing partner, Waypoint Consulting Services, mrenfro@trustwaypoint.com  972-322-8863

Media Contact: Ann Cain, Waypoint Communications, 214-632-3300

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